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Windows Cloud Hosting launched for 2012

21 Dec 2011 by Geoff Allen
A fantastic new Windows Cloud Hosting service is now launched providing multiple servers in a cloud to provide virtually 100% up-time for your website.

We are pleased to launch our new Windows Cloud Hosting service for 2012.

We have been testing this for a couple of months and are now happy to roll it out for clients use as a fantastic upgrade for existing sites, or the ideal place to set up new sites.

The Windows Cloud Hosting network uses a number of servers which all share the same hard disk array.  The data on the hard disks, being centrally stored means there is no synchronisation required as all servers share the same data in real time.

If a server is down for maintenance, or just gets busy, all traffic to your site is automatically switched to the least loaded server in the cloud, meaning your site will be up virtually 100% of the time.  The only cause for downtime would be major routing disruption to the data-centre as a whole which is very rare.

Other benefits of the Windows Cloud Network include improved email and webmail using latest Smartermail system which handles mobile devices better, as well as providing shared calendars and folders etc.  It basically provides everything hosted MS Exchange offers but without the monthly price tag to Microsoft!

You can host multiple sites using the fantastic Enkompass control panel which is very similar to CPanel for Linux, so any users of CPanel will be right at home.  Also included is Installatron which allows you to one click install scripts such as WordPress, Joomla and many other free applications.

As a special bonus we are launching the Windows Cloud Hosting plans at 33% off.  Normal monthly fee will be £15/month for a single domain plan, but at present this is available for just £10/month +vat.  Check out the sales page for more info...

Order your Windows Cloud Hosting here.

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Windows cloud hosting launched for 2012