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Hosting Plans changed and improved

9 Feb 2009 by Geoff Allen
We have quadrupled disk space on most plans, and doubled the bandwidth for both new and existing subscribers.

Hosting Plan specifications improved

We have quadrupled disk space on most plans, and doubled the bandwidth for both new and existing subscribers.

This is to bring our plans more up to date with advancements in technologies over the last couple of years.  When the plans were originally specified the disk drives in the servers were not too large and therefore space was a premium.  However, after replacing a lot of kit over the last few months with much advanced hardware, we are now able to pass these increases onto clients and in the case of disk space we have managed to Quadruple the previous allocation on most plans.

Any clients who purchased additional extras in the previous 3 months can contact our customer service team who will sort out a pro/rata refund by extending plan renewal dates.  E.g. if you normally pay £50 a month for a reseller account, and recently purchased £50 of extra allocation (now no longer required) then we will push your next monthly renewal back one month to credit you.  This will not happen automatically (unfortunately the systems are not in place) so clients are invited to request an account review if they want to participate.

Setup Fees disbanded on reseller accounts

We are now providing free setup on ALL reseller plans.  Coupled with the increased specification (above) this makes our popular reseller accounts even more attractive for potential new clients.   The network has been massively increased recently and we have plenty of unused resources available for new clients to make use of.

RES-50 Change of allocation

Our RES-50 plan formally advertised "unlimited domains".  Whilst reviewing the plan allocations recently, and reading back comments generally about "unlimited" plans we did an audit on existing clients usages.  On the basis of this audit we have now set the limit of domains on the RES-50 plan to 500.

This limit is offset by the plan now supporting 16Gb of disk space (formally 4Gb) and 200 Gb of bandwidth (formally 100 Gb) and all existing resellers have plenty of spare "domain capacity", so hopefully this will not be an issue.

We have done this for two reasons, firstly the industry now frowns on "unlimited domain" plans and much advice is to "stay clear of shared hosts offering it".  Secondly, with the increase in disk space and bandwidth we do not wish to attract the wrong sort of client who could flood the network, including shared mailservers etc. with thousands of "cheap or free" domains.  In the past the limited 4 Gb disk space put off such clients, but now with the increase we feel we need to limit the domain count to protect the network and therefore all other clients.

If any existing (pre Feb 09) RES-50 clients prefer to stay on "unlimited domains" then we will honour the original plan specs, but limit it back to 4Gb space and 100Gb bandwidth. 

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11 Feb 2009 by JSC 269647 - 16Gb of disk space seems very good to me.

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Hosting plans changed and improved