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ASPBite CMS and E-Commerce system

ASPBite CMS and E-Commerce system

We can provide you with our exceptional ASPBite Content Management System integrated into your web site. This works together with a pre-designed or custom-designed template giving complete control over the visual and content elements of your site.

No longer do you need to pay a designer to manage your site (although we are happy to do that for you if you wish). You can now take charge of your site on a day-to-day basis without any specific web design skills. The web is an ever evolving medium, unlike print, and your customers expect the absolute latest information to be available on your site.

You want an example? Great, you're looking at it now! Reyaltec Ltd uses this system for our own site, together with some of the advanced modules and some custom ones written by ourselves.

For a few further examples of the flexibility of this system take a look at our website portfolio page, most of the sites have been created using this system (including this site!).

We have a dedicated site for our ASPBite product at where you can download files, templates, icon sets, and use our forums for help and advice from other users.

Just look at what this system offers you:-

Base Installation

You have full control over almost every aspect of the content display and functionality by simply altering settings in the associated Developers area in the Members Control Panel of your site. The visual design of your site is taken care of through your very own template and the system pulls all content and places it within this template. The whole thing is easy to set up and maintain.

Categories Module - The main pages of your site. With automatic listing of any sub-categories available. The Categories module forms the core of your content.

Members Module - Have visitors sign up on your site and assign different viewing privileges to different Member levels. You also have Admin levels to allow access to editing of certain elements of your site. Then there is Premium membership where you can charge people for access to certain content. You have full control over all of these with 5 Member levels, 5 Admin levels and 3 Premium levels.

Articles Module - Include specific articles, associated with categories, throughout your site.

News Module - Provide the latest news to your visitors. This could be on updates, products or services.

Forums Module - Provide forums for your visitors to interact with each other and yourself. This can be general chat on any manner of subjects or product/service queries and support. An excellent way to make your site 'sticky' and encourage visitors to return regularly. Email notification is available for replies to posts.

Uploads Module - A full on line file manager so you can upload files to your site with no need to know FTP or HTTP transfer protocols or applications. Upload any file from anywhere you have access to a web browser.

Downloads Module - Provide files for download using the download manager. Even keeps a count of views and downloads so you can see how popular each one is.

Image Manager Module - Upload images using the image manager and, as well as the original size image, it will automatically create up to two different size thumbnails of your image. Excellent to have small thin=thumbnails for use with your page titles, larger ones for preview on your pages and then original file for best quality. Sizing is totally configurable by the user.

Template Manager - You can set up multiple templates for your site and allow your visitors to switch between them at the click of a button! Make your site totally 'skinable'. Also handy to use when developing a new site design as you can switch between the old and new in real time.

Print Friendly Pages - Utilising the facility of the Template Manager the system provides a default template for printer friendly versions of your pages. As with all templates, you can customise this to reflect your own branding or leave as neutral branding.

PDA Friendly - Another facility utilising the Template Manager provides for PDA friendly pages. Open your site up to the world of Pocket PC and Palm OS users without all the horizontal scrolling. Optimised for these standard screen sizes although you can easily and quickly modify or create additional templates for other screen sizes such as Orange SPV Smartphone etc. 

Additional Modules

Feedback Module - Easily create feedback forms on your web site to take comments from your customers/visitors. No more hunting for third party form processors or scripts and certainly no need for the nasty mailto: form trick.

FAQ Module - A Frequently Asked Questions module. Unlike other FAQ scripts, this can tie specific Q&A to specific pages on your site. So if you have product A and product B pages, you only have the relevant FAQ for each product displayed on each page. Of course, you can still have a page that displays every FAQ in a full listing like traditional FAQ scripts.

 404 Error Pages Module - If you have the facility for custom error messages with you hosting provider then this module does it all for you. Totally own-branded error pages that fit into you existing site look visual format.

Whois Lookup Module - A comprehensive whois lookup tool that can check ALL suffixes in one go and return whether they are available or not. Also a full whois details lookup so you can see who the registrant of a domain is and when it expires. Also has the facility to hook into your shopping cart or on line payment system to give your visitors the opportunity to directly purchase available domains.

Commercial  Modules

Links Manager Module - Allows for free or paid advertising type links on your site. Provide a directory type facility to your visitors.

Product File Module - A full on line database of all your products, together with retail prices, sale prices, vat rates, cost prices, shipping rates etc. Can be used on it's own or with shopping cart or your own payment processing service.

Shopping Cart Module - A comprehensive shopping cart system which will take input from the Product File Module or any other source. Supports many payment processors and allows your visitors to save carts and view full tracking of their orders. On your side you have full notifications available and full order processing and tracking facilities.

Databases Module - The ability to create flat file databases directly on your site in real-time. Fully search-able. You can  use this to allow your visitors to make entries about themselves or simply to provide ad-hoc lists available for searching and cataloging.

Support Ticket Module - A full back end system for web based support of any type of service or product. Has several tiers of support, allowing for a co-operative approach to support from many different parties whilst maintaining the identities to the end user. I.e You and Business 2 could resell the same products and wish to collaboratively support the end users. Using this system you can collectively manage all customers but if Business 2 replies to a support request from your customer, the customer sees it as coming directly from yourself.  Also great if you have resellers of your own products and wish to provide a comprehensive support system to all end users. Used for MJB Information Systems hosting support system.

Affiliates Module - Allows you to sell a product or service through many affiliates whilst keeping track of which customers belong to which affiliate and apportion commissions and discounts etc. A very powerful module that allows you to set up an Amazon type system for selling your products. Each affiliate can use their own template so that the content is totally branded to them. IN this way, the same content can be shared across many different sites, each one with their own branding.

Galleries Module - Create professional galleries of images in minutes with this module. As near as 'camera to gallery; as you can get. Incorporating options to sell the on line files, or originals, through your own payment system or using the Shopping Cart Mod

Using ASPBite
This shows how easy it is to use ASPBite to edit and maintain your site



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