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2012 Range of Dedicated Servers Launched - News - We have released the 2012 range of dedicated servers early as we couldn't wait for the new year! With prices from just 59 per month + vat this is an early Christmas present for some ...

Additional Domain Alias - Product - Adds a domain alias to an existing domain. e.g. you could alias to

Additional Sub Domain - Product - Provides additional sub domain (e.g. to an existing domain

Dedicated Servers - Category - NEW 2012 range now available! Dedicated servers from 59 per month +vat. Choose Low Setup or Low Monthly option for massive savings.

Dedicated SSL Certificate - Product - Provides a dedicated SSL certificate for a single domain. Includes setup and maintenance.

Domain Backup Plan - Product - Daily back ups of your website, with numerous content revisions so we can restore back to certain dates, or the latest version of a single file.

Domain Scripting Allocation - Product - This enables ASP or PHP scripting for a domain where the package does not already support it.

Extra 10000Mb Data Transfer - Product - Provides 10Gb additional data transfer (bandwidth) per month

Extra 1000Mb Data Transfer - Product - Provides additional 1GB bandwidth (data transfer) per month

Extra 1000Mb Disk Space - Product - This adds 1000Mb (roughly 1Gb) web space to an existing domain/package

Infrastructure - Category - Reyaltec operates high specification DELL servers in a UK datacentre

MSSQL Database Allocation - Product - Provides one MS SQL database on a package / domain. Choose from SQL2000 or SQL2008

MySQL Database Allocation - Product - Provides additional MySQL database allocation to an existing hosting package.

Website Design, CMS and E-Commerce - Category - Whatever level of website you require, we have solutions to fit

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